Allegro 2000 2007 Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Sport Plane, Ultralight

Allegro 2007 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the Allegro 2007 aircraft manufactured?

The Allegro 2007 is manufactured in the Czech Republic by the established company Fantasy Air. The composite work is subcontracted to another Czech company Composite Airplanes who are also involved in other aircraft including the Sting and Star, the Extra 300 and 400 aircraft, Skyboy and the Apis motorglider to name a few.

Q: Is the factory-built Ready to Fly (RTF) aircraft checked before shipping?

After manufacture and assembly every RTF aircraft is test flown for up to 5 hours and serviced prior to being packed in the shipping container. Each aircraft is individually inspected by Fantasy Air's principal at Pisek airfield. They are then prepared for shipping before being shipped to our facility on the Gold Coast, reassembled and quality checked again before the statutory inspection, test flight and delivery to the customer.

Q: What is included in the factory-built Ready to Fly (RTF) aircraft?

Everything you need to fly the plane after local assembly and inspection.

Q: What instruments are standard in the RTF? And are there other options available?

The RTF Allegro 2007 powered by the Rotax 4 strokes come fitted with ASI, VSI, Altimeter, Slip and Skid gauge, Flap position gauge, Fuel gauge, Oil pressure gauge, Oil temperature gauge, CHT, Fuel pressure and Tacho, the Rotax 2 stroke powered aircraft come with similar gauges to suit that engine. There is a complete listing of accessories and options available in the price list section

Q: Is a rescue chute available?

The Ballistic Recovery Parachute System is available on every plane we offer; the factory has a preference for the Junkers brand.

Q: Do the wings fold or are they removable?

The wings can be removed in less than 30 minutes. It would be preferable to hanger the aircraft rather than remove the wings each day. The aircraft is made of durable materials and could be left outside for extended periods with covers.

Q: What propellers are available for the aircraft?

The manufacturer uses the Czech produced, Type Certified, 3 blade carbon fiber Woodcomp propellers, we have found these to be reliable, strong and efficient performers.

Q: I am not the average build; can I configure the plane to fit my personal measurements?

The Allegro has easily adjustable seats and can be made to suit almost all people.

Q: How much baggage can I carry?

The storage area can hold about 10 kilos of baggage, the area is large so bulky items can be safely stored. The is ample room in the cockpit for maps and other documents

Q: The Allegro RTF is available with three of the Rotax engines which engine do you recommend?

We strongly recommend the Rotax 80 hp engine, it is economical, reliable, smooth and offers a very good power to weight ratio with a 1500 hour TBO, the 100 hp engine is recommended for hotter areas or high airfields where the extra performance may be required.

Q: How much does the Allegro weigh and how much can it carry?

The normal empty weight is around 265 kilos for the 582 powered aircraft to around 275 kilos for the 100 hp aircraft, the aircrafts MTOW is 520 kilos so the minimum useful load is around 235 kilos for pilot, passenger, fuel and luggage.

Q: How fast does the Allegro fly?

The Allegro powered with the Rotax 80 hp engine will comfortably cruise around 95 knots in the negative flap position burning around 13.5 liters of fuel per hour, stall speed in the landing configuration is only 35 knots and take-off rotation will occur at about 45 knots.

Q: What is the fuel capacity of the Allegro?

The standard aircraft comes with a 63 liter fuel tank in the belly of the aircraft, it is filled from the left hand side near the cabin door opening. The manufacturer is currently sourcing supplemental wing tanks for each wing which will add an additional 50 liters capacity to the aircraft taking the total volume to 113 liters useable.

Q: I don't have much mechanical ability - could I built the Allegro Kit?

The Allegro QBK comes with detailed instructions for assembling the fuselage and structure of the aircraft including the undercarriage, brakes and other systems; fitting the Rotax engine, instruments and the electrics may on some occasions require more skills than the below average builder has, but with our assistance we can take you through the process or recommend a specialist who can assist you.

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