Allegro 2000 2007 Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Sport Plane, Ultralight

Great news! To remain competitive in the world aviation market the Allegro manufacture and assembly has been moved from Europe to the USA in an effort to keep the price affordable for their largest market segment. This move has been pressured by a strong Euro currency affecting just about everything manufactured in Europe. With the exchange rate moving constantly the price of the Allegro kept climbing taking it from affordable too expensive.
Rather than going out of business having a fantastic product which suddenly became overpriced they have taken the decision to move everything to the USA where they have control over the manufacturing costs and the final sales price.
For Australian customers this is also good news because it means the price of the Allegro will now be in relation to the US dollar rather than the Euro meaning that the end price has come down.

Aircraft manufactured in the USA are now shipping !

This new Allegro model designated “Allegro 2007” which is now manufactured in the USA was born by the collaboration of Fantasy Air, the Kabrt brothers from Vanessa Air and the Czech Technical University in Prague mostly acting on the feedback and wish list from current owners and flying schools who are using the Allegro 2000 aircraft.

The already roomy fuselage which is almost 100 mm wider than a Cessna 172 has been completely redesigned; the cockpit has now been made even wider with the addition of another 100 mm of elbow room. The wing mounting position has been lifted around 80 mm giving much more headroom so that even people over 190 cm tall still fit comfortably into the aircraft with good roof clearance and by moving the wing higher, the door opening has also been made taller making it easier for some of our older customers who are losing flexibility in the joints to get in and out of the aircraft.

Fantasy Air have also developed new doors which are semi-domed and are now supported in the open position by a single gas strut. The single piece semi-domed doors provides the crew with still more shoulder and elbow room and also offers an improved view below and to the rear of the aircraft.

The seats are now comfortably adjustable in height and also in sliding back and forwards. Each person can easily reach the instruments when buckled up and the back and forwards seat adjustment can even be completed in flight. The track of the rudder pedals has also been increased together with leverage on the rudder bellcranks and arms making directional control much more positive and comfortable by providing more space for the feet and reducing rudder forces.

Standard fuel capacity has been increased from 55 to 63 L thanks to the wider fuselage; the optional wing tanks add an additional 20 L per side giving the total usable fuel quantity of 100 L.

My demonstration aircraft cruising at 95 knots burns around 13.5 lph effectively giving me seven a half hours endurance at 95 knots ! This means I can travel over 700 miles between fuel stops.

The rear of the fuselage has now been totally redesigned on the new 2007 model with the original vertical tail fillet now gone and integrated into the rear fuselage shape which now offers a larger diameter rear fuselage section and an increased vertical stabiliser area approximately 50% larger than the original aircraft. This has the effect of giving the aircraft more directional stability in turbulence and eliminates the need to coordinate rudder and aileron in turns, now a lazy customer can simply turn the aircraft on either aileron or rudder alone.

Even with the sales success of the Allegro 2000 model the manufacturer hasn't rested on their laurels. Fantasy Air listens to feedback from customers and dealers and continually introduces minor changes to aircraft to suit the individual markets around the world. Recently the Allegro has gained certification for towing sailplanes amongst other uses such as Banner towing and they are also in the final stages of certification for a weight increase from the current 520 kgs up to 600 kg MTOW.

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