Allegro 2000 2007 Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Sport Plane, Ultralight

Information and Specifications for the Allegro 2007 Model

The Allegro 2007 Sport Aircraft is a 2-seat, high-wing monoplane designed for sport and recreational flying as well as for student pilot training.

Allegro 2000 2007 Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Sport Plane, Ultralight, floatplane

Its superbly accurate and forgiving handling characteristics, aerodynamic design and interior comfort ensure that this aircraft provides many enjoyable hours of economical flying. The composite and aluminium construction will provide, with minimal routine maintenance, many years of airborne excitement.

The Allegro is available in Australia and New Zealand as a factory built, type certified aircraft for registration on the RAA or VH registers and can be used for flight training or hire if placed on the RAA register.

Allegro 2000 2007 Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Sport Plane, Ultralight, floatplane

The Allegro 2007 is also available as an RAA and VH experimental approved kit which will consume between 250 and 400 hours of construction time, depending on the ability of the builder and the level of fitout of the aircraft.

Allegro 2007 Model Specifications
Engine options
Rotax 912 UL 80hp
Rotax 912 ULS 100hp
Airframe Dimensions
Wing Span
10800 mm
Airframe Length
6100 mm
Total Height
2100 mm
Wing Area
11.4 m2
Aspect Ratio
Wing Chord-max
1200 mm
Wing Chord-min
655 mm
Airfoil Section
SM 701 Profile, tapered tip wing
Performance Details Rotax 912 80hp Engine
Max Speed VNE
118 Knots
Cruise Speed
95 Knots
Stall Speed
35 knots
Rate of Climb
985 fpm
Max Range
700 Nautical Miles with LR tanks
Take off run
150 m
Take off to clear 15m
250 m
Landing run
100 m
Landing over 15m obstacle
220 m
Aileron and rudder deflection
Aileron Up
165 mm +- 5 mm
55 mm +- 5 mm
Elevator Up
79 mm +- 5 mm
66 mm +- 5 mm
Rudder Right
134 mm +- 5 mm
134 mm +- 5 mm
Other Data
Undercarriage tricycle
Front landing gear with suspension
Rear landing gear composite
Main Wheel Track
1550 mm
Maximum Service Ceiling
4500m / 14,737 feet
Tyre Dimensions
Main wheels
14 x 4 (350 x 100)
Nose wheel
14 x 4 (350 x 100)
Tyre Pressure
Nose wheel
0.10 -0,12 Mpa (15 psi - 17 psi)
Main wheels
0.18 Mpa (26 psi)
by flexibility in the laminated undercarriage leg
Wheel brakes
hydraulic brakes
Fuel tank volume
63 Litre Standard Tanks
103 Litre Long-Range Tanks
Maximum Take-off Weight
520 Kg (600 Kgcurrently being certified)
Empty Weight
275 Kg
Maximum useful load
245 Kg

Minimum Front-Seat Pilot Weight

55 kg
Max Weight of the Crew & Fuel
245 kg
Baggage Weight
10 kg
Standard Aircraft Equipment


Climb Indicator VSI
Fuel Gauge
CHT Gauge
Oil temperature gauge
Engine Operating Hours
Oil pressure gauge
Slip / Skid Gauge
Flap Position Indicator
3 Blade Woodcomp Propeller
Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Fuel pressure gauge
Map box in instrument panel
First Aid kit
Fire Extinguisher
Towing Equipment
Maximum weight of towed glider
500 kg
Minimum length of tow rope
40 m
Maximum length of tow rope
60 m
Tow rope safety fuse
300 Kg
Operation Limitations
Wing flaps
Lever position
Flaps Deflection
Never Exceed Speed
Cruise position
-4.5 degrees
VNE 118 Knots
15 degrees
VFE 60 Knots
48 degrees
VFE 60 Knots
Stall speeds at MTOW 520 kgs - level flight
Wing Flaps Position
Engine Power Output
IAS Knots
CAS Knots
Engine at idle
46 Knots
43 Knots
Engine at idle
40 knots
39 knots
Engine at idle
37 knots
35 knots

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