Carburettor Synchronisation Tool

The Carbtune II carburettor synchroniser will easily and accurately sync the throttles on motorbikes, 4-stroke outboards, experimental and ultralight aircraft.

If the carburettors are not synchronised, then vibration and engine damage may be caused. This tool is easily connected to the vacuum balancing tube on most engines for quick synchronisation of throttle cables to ensure smooth, vibration free operation of the engine.

The system is superior to dial type guages because the columns are side by side, making comparison of the results far easier. Built-in dampening of the readings ensures that accurate results are achieved every time. No calibration is necessary. Stainless steel columns eliminate the safety issues of mercury filled equivalents.

The package comes complete with handy carry bag, Carbtune II two or four column guage, high impact plastic case and scale tubes (no glass to break), rubber hoses and full instructions for Rotax aircraft engines. A releasable cable tie is also supplied to enable hands free operation.

Dimensions: 280mm x 80mm x 25mm

Weight: 720gm

Price: AU$140 (2 column)
           AU$180 (4 column)

Postage: Australia = $22      Overseas = Please contact for a price

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