Savage Cub Light Sport Aircraft LSA Bush Plane

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Savage Classic

The Savage Classic is the perfect place to start your flying journey, which over the years you can adapt to your different requirements and dreams. Using tundra tyres, bush wheels, snow skis or even the amphibious floats you can land this aircraft almost anywhere with a sense of safety that only a strong steel welded fuselage can offer. Classical tail-dragger configuration, fantastic low speed performance and the ability to realise your dreams makes this an aircraft you will never get bored of flying.

Savage Cub Light Sport Aircraft LSA Bush Plane Zlin Aviation xair australia

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Specifications - Savage Cub Classic
Engine Rotax 912 80 or 100 HP Versions
Fuel Tank Capacity 68 Litres
Propeller Wooden 2 blade Diameter 1.83m
Wing Span 9.31m
Length 6.39m
Height 2.03m
Wing Surface Area 14.2m2
Wing Chord 1.56m
Cabin Width 69cm
Undercarriage Width 1.8m
Maximum take off Weight 560kg
Empty Weight 288kg
Load capacity 272kg
Max wing loading 31.6kg/m2
Load factor (G Rating) +6-3
Performance (560KG)
VNE 110 knots
Max Speed - Straight and Level 101 knots
Cruise Speed 75% 90 knots
Climb Rate 865 fpm
Stall Speed 33 knots
Max ceiling 14,500 feet
Range 65% 390 nautical miles
Take off Distance 110m
Landing Distance 90m
Take off to Clear 50 Foot Obstacle 190m
Cross Wind Component MAX 15 knots
Luggage Space
I am always getting asked for the size of the luggage space so here it is.....

Savage Cub Light Sport Aircraft LSA Bush Plane Zlin Aviation xair australia
The ultimate explorer - The Savage Cub

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