Savage Cub Light Sport Aircraft LSA Bush Plane

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Savage Cub
The new Savage Cub, with it's unique new look evolving from the standard Savage Classic and Cruiser aircraft can be equipped with several professional bush pilot features that offer remote and unsupported operations away from standard airfields, this really is the aircraft which can go anywhere.

Learning from the experience of professional operators flying the legendary Piper Super Cub the new Savage Cub will give you that special feeling that only a historical, legendary plane can provide.With some special options your Savage Cub will be able to land almost anywhere enjoying the freedom and the spirit of real bush flying.

To fly slower, experiencing the unique and special opportunities of being able to put your wheels down wherever you dream, immersing yourself into nature and the beautiful landscape that we normally observe from the sky......

Enough of the romantic stuff here are the exciting features of this new aircraft.

New Fuselage Design
New X brace in the tail section
New X brace at the top of the cabin
New reinforced landing gear attachments
New landing gear design
New suspensions and new safety cables
New reinforced battery box attachments
New battery door panel
New vertical tail and fin design
New door and rear windows design
New larger baggage area
New comfort seatings
New aluminium bowl
New panel housing
New instrument panel
New firewall design
New aluminium cowling
New spinner
New wing tip
New reinforced flaps

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