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Pipistrel Information Packs

On this page are the factory issued PDF versions of the Pipistrel Aircraft Information Packs, this condensed information for each aircraft is ideal for a quick evaluation.

Click on the image to download the Information Pack.

Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer
Pipistrel Sinus
Pipistrel Virus
Pipistrel Virus SW
Pipistrel Virus SW iS
Pipistrel APIS / BEE
Pipistrel Taurus
Pipistrel Taurus ELECTRO
Pipistrel Panthera

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Latest News

Sinus FLEX now released and selling

Pipistrel is now delivering the award winning Taurus ELECTRO

4 seat hybrid high-performance long-range cruiser!

Electric Plug & Play Propolsion System for Electric Aircraft and Glider Installations
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Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer, first choice for flight schools


Pipistrel is a member of LAMA



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