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    ALPHA Trainer - FAQ's
LSA Accepted    
  • 34' 6" wingspan
  • 108 knot cruise with the 80hp Rotax 912
  • 3.6gph at 108 knots
  • 2.5gph circuits
  • Nosewheel configuration
  • Traditional instruments
  • Designed for training
  • Comfortable aircraft
  • Low running costs
  • Radio, transponder GPS & ballistic parachute included in standard package

Can I do aerobatics, spins in the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer?

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer design follows the strictest EASA CS-22, CS-VLA and CS-23 (sections) certification standards, as well as their FAA FAR counterparts and the ASTM standards for LSA aircraft.

More than six months of ground, structural and vibration tests went by without a glitch, followed by an extensive flight test program with more than 100 hours of cumulative tests. The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft was designed for the training market but still offers exceptional and sprightly performance. The aircraft is however not suitable for aerobatics, despite the +4 G, -2 G allowable loads.

Pipistrel cannot prevent people doing aerobatic maneuvers in the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer, but we do not approve it – the reason is in aerodynamics. The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has so little drag that it picks up speed MUCH quicker than other aircraft with little drag. This can be dangerous in aerobatic maneuvers (also spins, which are completely recoverable) and an average pilot can very quickly overstress the airframe because of VNE in a steep dive in just 5 seconds!
If the customer approaches you because he wants an aircraft for aerobatics, you as the distributor/promoter can clearly say that this is not the aircraft he/she wants.

Exterior paint

The paint used on the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is a special acrylic based pigment, which is applied to the molds during the manufacturing process. Pipistrel aeroplanes are not after-painted like many other aeroplanes – instead, paint is applied onto/into the structure while molding. This makes the paint much more durable and resistant to UV light and environmental contaminants. Recommendations for care and cleaning of the aircraft can be found in the Flight manual and Maintenance manual, section Handling and Maintenance, chapter, keeping your aircraft in perfect shape.


Standard wheels have large 4-ply tires, which are adequate for use on grass/gravel and light use on hard (asphalt, tarmac, etc.) runways. If you anticipate using the aircraft on asphalt only, consider ordering six or eight ply tires which will last much longer. Pipistrel offers tires with 4, 6, 8 or 10 ply’s, additionally, tires are available from companies like Aircraft Spruce who offer overnight US delivery at very reasonable pricing.


The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft is certified and approved in the LSA category (in the USA) the aircraft would also qualify for certification approvals in other countries.


The upholstery offered with the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is very durable fabric which has been offered by Pipistrel with all of their aircraft since 1995. This upholstery matches the seats, firewall, carpet and also wing spar cover which is now offered as a standard option.

Real life performance

True to Pipistrel performance, all data published for the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is accurate and acquired from flight testing. Please note that the data is published for the take-off mass of 550 kg and ISA Sea Level conditions.

Based on experience, you can for a hot summer day expect the cruise speed figures to be a maximum 10 km/h (5 kts) less than those in ISA Sea Level and take-off performance degraded by maximum 20%. Further information about aircraft performance in hot conditions and on grass runways is also included in the flight manual.

Baggage allowance

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer contains a solid luggage compartment behind the seats which is easily accessible in the cockpit. The baggage allowance varies depending on the fuel quantity in the aircraft. The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has not been designed as a touring aircraft but as a training aircraft, there is more than enough room however for an overnight bag, limited spares, tie downs etc. The recommended maximum full fuel weight in the luggage area is 22 pounds although the aircraft can carry up to 55 pounds with reduced fuel capacity. This baggage allowance is additional to the ballistic parachute which is installed as standard.

Is it possible to have Rotax 100 hp or 914 Turbo engine?

No. The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has been designed as a training aircraft and the 80 hp engine is more than adequate for operations at the maximum takeoff weight. Typically at maximum takeoff weight the aircraft will still climb at 800 fpm. 100 hp would be overpowered in the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer aircraft.

Can I have an in-flight adjustable or feathering propeller?

No, the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is only offered with a fixed pitch propeller, it is designed as a training aircraft and not as a glider.

Can I fit airbrakes or spoilers?

No, the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is not available with airbrakes as an option.

Can I get a larger fuel tank?

No, the fuel tank capacity is fixed.

Can I use fuel with ethanol?

Yes, the fuel tank and the fuel lines are protected for ethanol up to 10% which is the current limit set by Rotax.

Can I change the instruments?

No, to keep the cost of the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer as low as possible the aircraft is only available in a set instrument configuration.

What is the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer warranty?

The warranty on Pipistrel aircraft is 12 months or 100 hours whichever comes earlier. The airframe is covered by Pipistrel, the engine is covered by Rotax International warranty and individual warranties are carried by the instrument and avionics manufacturers. A full copy of the warranty conditions is available on request.

Wingspan and wing removal

The wingspan of the Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer is 34’ 6’’ (10.5 m) which is 18” (0.5 m) less than a Cessna 172. The wings can be removed in around 15 minutes.

Download the latest Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Information Pack

Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer Flight Test Review

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