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    Virus - Overview
LSA Accepted    
  • 40' 10½" wingspan
  • Glide ratio 24:1
  • 120 knot cruise with Rotax 912
  • 13 lph
  • Up to 7.5 hours endurance
  • Available in tail dragger or nosewheel configuration
  • Perfect for thermalling or slope soaring
  • Fantastic touring aircraft
  • Automatically feathering propeller
  • Large luggage capacity with optional external access
  • Easy to hangar

Please note: Speed performance is restricted and the in flight adjustable propeller disabled to comply with LSA category requirements. The propeller can feather but this is automatically and independently controlled when the engine is stopped.

The Virus 912 is similar to the Sinus range except It's wingspan, at just under 41 ft, is smaller than the Sinus and this makes the aircraft fly faster with the compromise being reduced glide ratio.

The Virus is equipped with steerable nose wheel or tailwheel as an option.

The Virus is a very capable touring aircraft. With long range tanks it has 7 hours endurance at 120 knots and with a higher wing loading it cuts through heavy turbulence with ease.

From A-to-B the Virus is certainly an efficient and economical aircraft, but dont let this fool you - slope soaring is a breeze in the Virus. The fast roll rate and excellent visibility make it a substantial wave or slope soaring aircraft and with a glide ratio of 24:1 it can still be thermaled. Overall, the Virus is an extremely nice package which will fit in most hangars.

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