The TL Ultralight Company was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic city of Hradec Kralove. The initial interests of TL Ultralight was the development and manufacture of gliders, but more recently they have started producing Ultralight Aircraft. The company started with production of the TL1 and TL2 gliders which were very successful and are still sold all around the world. In 1991 the TL Ultralight Company started with production of TL 32 Typhoon, this Ultralight aircraft became popular for recreation flying and a total of 195 examples were sold all around Europe and some even made it to the USA.

After the Typhoon came the TL 132 CONDOR. The Condor aircraft is certified and built to the strict requirements of the many flying schools which use this aircraft, following the TL 132 Condor came the TL 232 CONDOR, this Ultralight has been certified in Germany, France, Holland and Spain and a total of 115 aircraft have been produced over recent years, the Condor continues to be a good seller.

Another interesting aircraft and good seller for the TL Ultralight Company is the TL 22 DUO trike.

In 1996 the TL Ultralight Company developed a completely new type of aircraft the TL 96 STAR. The STAR'S evolution took 2 years and the design features many examples of new technology using composite materials, the STAR is certified in several countries including Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium , the STAR was joined by the TL 2000 STING CARBON in 2000 which has now replaced the STAR as the companies biggest selling aircraft.

2009 sees the introduction of the new high wing TL 3000 Sirius giving TL Ultralight a complete stable of aircraft in high and low wing configuration.

The TL Ultralight Company currently produces around 8 aircraft per month to the satisfaction of eager new owners.

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