Dear TL Ultralight aircraft owners, many of who I have known and dealt with over the last 13 years in my role as representative for TL-Ultralight. It is my unfortunate task to let you know that our dealership for TL ultralight has been cancelled in the past week.

Even though X-Air Australia had a long-standing and valid dealership agreement with TL-Ultralight It was recently brought to my attention that TL Ultralight had taken an opportunity to sell an aircraft directly to one of our customers and organise for the aircraft to be delivered to Australia completely bypassing X-Air Australia as the only authorised and exclusive dealer for Australia.

This aircraft was manufactured, shipped and imported without my knowledge or any advice from TL Ultralight and it wasn't until CASA asked for my permission to put the aircraft on the register that their deceit was discovered.

Unfortunately, after 13 years of cooperation and after our complaints at their very unprofessional business dealings fell on deaf ears they have decided to cancel our dealership. TL-Ultralight have not even had the fortitude to even send an official letter or email affirming the cancellation, they simply put the word cancelled on their website when you look at the 'who to contact' section and now won’t return emails.

After 13 years of cooperation and many dozens of aircraft being sold over this time it seems that no dealer agreement will be honoured by TL Ultralight. The deceitful actions at selling direct to bypass the dealer network so they get (in their words) "more money" is intolerable in any professional business situation.

Their only excuse for these actions is that our sales had slowed recently, I guess they don't know about the global financial crisis or the fact that the Euro is so strong against many other currencies that their aircraft are now twice the price in local true value than they were five years earlier.

It disappoints me to end our cooperation with a company that makes in my opinion some of the best aircraft in the world, the best performance, the best handling, the most comfortable......  I could go on but I won't.

You are welcome to contact me directly for more information and I am happy to report that I still have a stockpile of spares for the foreseeable future, so we should be able to supply your requirements for some time before needing to send you directly to the factory.

The Australian regulations require a valid certificate holder to be able to verify registrations of ultralights.  This was previously X-Air Australia however, with the dissolution of our dealership we will no longer be able to verify new aircraft and therefore new owners should be aware that they may not be able to register new aircraft in Australia.

Should you wish to contact TL Ultralight direct please use the following email details….    and

X-Air Australia will continue to support all aircraft currently in the market as we wade through the different issues with the RA-Aus which are affecting some of the TL models at the moment. This website and warning will remain for several months until everything will be removed.


Yours faithfully,

Michael Coates X-Air Australia

25th October 2013.

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