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Download the TL Ultralights Information pack which features the TL 2000 Sting Carbon and the TL 3000 Sirius in PDF formats FROM HERE 200K

The best way to get all the latest information on the TL 2000 Sting Carbon is from our interactive CD-ROM or DVD, it includes the full Sting and Star movie which is to large for us to include in full at the web site, Some bonus picture galleries also make this a worthwhile item for anyone researching the Sting or Star as their next aircraft.

Please purchase either the VHS video package or the CD-ROM/DVD from our secure server below using your creditcard for immediate delivery.

    Sting DVD / Video & Information Pack
Footage that you just won't believe !

Our information DVD / Video is now available for purchase on-line, it features all the latest information on our aircraft as well as the full Sting Movie and Star Movie.

If your researching this aircraft or just having a bit of a look around this is a must have.....  all those questions will be answered.

Local Delivery approx 3 days, International delivery approx 10 days.



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