TL Ultralights Australia - Newsletter 13 May 2003

What a Newsletter, Lots to report and lots of great photographs from Freidrichshafen in Germany on the latest Sting Retract and also an update on Sport Pilot for the US Markets.

The first flights of the Sting Retractable over the farm lands in the Czech Republic, Rather than waffle on with details I will let the following photographs do the talking...

Cruising high above the clouds, the new retractable is good for speeds over 150 knots.

The two questions I get asked.......

When can I have one ?? NOW.....

How much extra does the retract cost ?? Euro 3000

Freidrichshafen Aero 2003

Aero 2003 is Europe's biggest airshow for Sport Aircraft, it is held every two years in the small town of Freidrichshafen about 2 hours drive from Zurich.

We were invited to join the German Sting dealer Martin Wezel and his team at the TL-Ultralight Stand and to say the 4 day event was busy is an understatement.

Click on any of these photographs for a larger view.
The TL-Ultralight Stand

We were kept busy with three Sting's, one Condor and Martin's glider all on display, comments from visitors acknowledged the effort Martin and his team had gone to in making this stand one of the nicest at the show.

The crew photo......

Martins team professionally outfitted in matching blue shirts.... The rest of us looked unloved by comparison.

The Sting Retractable released to the public for the first time at Aero 2003. The aircraft was up on stands and the retract system went up and down all day..... To say people loved it is really an understatement.
Front wheel first, the front wheel lowers through retractable doors and is in my opinion stronger than the standard aircraft. It has a rubber block for suspension, is a trailing link design and is directly linked to the rudder pedals for accurate ground handling.
A side on shot showing the gear fully extended, the wheels now feature carbon fibre hubs.
The rear gear down... For strength the manufacturer has chosen to stay with the original landing gear legs rather than go for a lighter system. These proven composite legs will take rough field landings with ease, the system is electrically operated with emergency release in the cabin, there are warning light and buzzers if the flaps are deployed with the gear in the up position.
With the gear up about 1/3 of the wheel protrudes from the bottom of the aircraft, the latest system has been improved and some fairings now reduce the disturbed air by covering the landing leg and disk areas
Stand back and take notice..... The Sting and Star can now be fitted with a certified Tow Hook for towing gliders up to 600 kgs, Available soon and price TBA.
The New Strobe Lights were also displayed at Aero 2003 for the first time, the new wingtip is manufactured from Lexan and incorporates a Navigation Light, Strobe and Landing Light in each wingtip. This is available on all new aircraft as an option, unfortunately it cant be retrofitted onto current aircraft.

The Sting Sport for the US markets.

Photo by the EAA

With the new Sport Pilot ruling expected to be released at Oshkosh we are full steam ahead with our plans to introduce the aircraft into the American market. The Sting Sport and Star Sport models will feature 80 hp Rotax engines, fixed gear and fixed propellers (to fit the Sport Pilot regulations..... Sorry) and be priced to compete with many of the existing kit aircraft, in many instances you will be able to buy a fully built Sting or Star Sport model for around the same price as a kit aircraft with say a 2000 hour build time.

We have just started the search for US dealers so if you think you have what it takes to sell one of the most exciting aircraft in it's class please drop me an email from this link. Mail Michael. The expected rush of orders on day one will push out deliveries somewhat but the factory will be gearing for increased production as soon as the ruling is finalised.

Canadian Dealers Wanted...... We are still looking for a few Canadian Dealers to represent the aircraft north of the US border. The Sting, Star and Condor models have been accepted into Canada under the Advanced Ultralight Category and are ready to go, our Canadian customers can benefit from this category and are allowed the bigger engines, retractable system and the constant speed propellers

Phil "from Canberra" showing off for the EAA photo plane at last years Oshkosh, here doing a "knife edge" maneuver high above the clouds.

Photo by the EAA

Barbora a few drinks too many......

How can we let this opportunity pass.... Barbora our main contact at TL was happily enjoying a beer at Freidrichshafen at the end of the day when we snapped this photo, I really think the empties are hers also and by the 'digital' bags under her eyes she looks a little worse for wear.

Don't worry Barb..... We still love you and thanks for looking after us.

Well that's it for another newsletter we have jumped an edition here and have run no 13 before no 12, number 12 will be coming out shortly its just that we have received so much inquiry for information on the retract that we have done this newsletter first.

As always please come back to me at for any additional information and safe flying..... Michael Coates X-Air Australia

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