TL Ultralights Australia - Newsletter 14 December 2003
Well here we go again, it's hard to believe that almost 6 months has passed since the last Newsletter, there is lots to report in this issue including.....
  • NEW USA Site up and running
  • New USA Dealers Appointed and new USA Dealers WANTED
  • Canadian Dealers WANTED
  • New Wallpaper Calendars to dress up your computer
  • Beat the Price Rise

NEW USA Site up and running

New USA web site up and running

TL Ultralights' has spread it's wings with the release of the new sport pilot category only a few months away, the factory is gearing production from 4 aircraft a month to more than 10 per month over the coming year, from the EAA Sport Pilot website comes the following......

November 25, 2003 - EAA President Tom Poberezny said.... Sport Pilot / Light Sport Aircraft Status: We are towards the end of DOT's 90-day review period, the agency referred several questions back to FAA, which is now in the process of responding. Once it clears Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's desk, the final rule is sent to the Office of Management and Budget for approval, followed by publication in the Federal Register as a final rule.

This means it should leave the DOT shortly and head to the Office of Management and Transportation. They have a maximum of 90 days (by law) to finish their work and then it's published the following week.... Let's hope all goes well, this will mean an April publication date if all goes to plan.

New USA Dealers Appointed and new USA Dealers WANTED

As part of the Sport Pilot release we are looking for US dealers for the exciting Sting Sport and Star Sport Aircraft... The Sting Sport and Star Sport are special Sport Pilot models designed to fit into the USA Sport Pilot rules, basically the normal Sting and Star fly too fast with the constant speed propellers and larger engines, we have designed two models with fixed pitch 'tuned' propellers and the 80 hp engines to only allow the aircraft to max out at 115 knots straight and level. The other big advantage is with the smaller engines these planes are truly affordable starting at around $53,500 US$ for the Star and $57,500 US$ for the Sting, they are packed full of instruments and are ready to order now..... an example follows

Star Sport € 44,500 = $53,250 US$ approx
Check the latest exchange rates online Click Here

Star Sport Aircraft
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Large One-Piece Canopy
  • Gas-Lift Canopy Supports
  • In-Flight Elevator Trim
  • Static Strap
  • Adjustable Rudder Pedals
  • Full Dual Controls
  • Steerable Nose Wheel with Suspension
  • Three Position Flaps
  • 'Fresh Face' Canopy Vent
  • Rotating Ventilation Windows
  • 18 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Independent Toe-Operated Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Tie-down Rings on Wings
  • Tow Handle for Easy Ground Handling
  • Removable Wings for Quick Storage
  • Fuel Shut-Off in Cockpit
  • Ground Adjustable 3-blade Woodcomp Carbon Propeller
  • 3 Map Pockets
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Cabin Locking Mechanism
  • Cabin Heater
  • Wheel Spats and Covers
  • Large 'Rough Field' Wheel Rims or Carbon Speed Wheels
  • Upholstered Seats and Backs
  • Fully Upholstered Cockpit
  • White Paint with Two-Color Vinyl Graphics & Rego Numbers
  • Canopy Cover


  • Rotax 912 UL 80hp Engine
  • 1500hr TBO Runs on Unleaded Mogas
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Oil Cooler, Radiator
  • Fuel Gasculator
  • Locking Gas Cap - Flush Fit


  • Airspeed Indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Slip / Skid Indicator
  • Silva Magnetic Compass
  • Tachometer
  • Hour Meter
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Fuel Flow
  • Voltmeter
  • 4 X EGT
  • 2 X CHT
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Temperature Gauge
  • Alarm System To Headsets For Engine Malfunction
  • XCOM VHF 760 Transceiver With VOX Intercom
  • VHF Aerial
  • Aircraft Flight and Operational Manual

So if you're ready to be a part of the most exciting event in Aviation... well..... in the past 100 years and you think you have what it takes to be a Sting Sport or Star Sport dealer then please drop me an email and we will send an information pack to you.

In the meantime I would like to introduce our two new dealers Larry Geiger and David Dixen who can help you with any of your questions. Larry has a Sting aircraft flying from Lincoln Nebraska and David's plane is expected to arrive in Minnesota around April. Their contact details follow...

Larry Geiger - Phone 402 423 7057

Dealer for North and South Dakota,

Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Wyoming


David Dixen - Phone 651 407 8906

Dealer for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan


Canadian Dealers Wanted...... We are still looking for a few Canadian Dealers to represent the aircraft north of the US border. The Sting, Star and Condor models have been accepted into Canada under the Advanced Ultralight Category and are ready to go, our Canadian customers can benefit from this category and are allowed the bigger engines, retractable system and the constant speed propellers.

New Wallpaper Calendars to dress up your computer

I have got to get me one of these........ That's the favourable comments back from a few of our customers.

What can i say.... these look bloody fantastic!! They are available from the link below and automatically install as your computer's default desktop. They have a three month calendar down the right hand side which makes them really useful as well as a nice background. There is currently one image for each quarter but depending on your feedback we might get a new image done for each month..... a new Screen Saver program will be available from the website in coming weeks with new photos and some other surprises..... Download from this link... enjoy

Beat the Price Rise

Bad News..... it's that time of year again where aircraft manufacturers are checking their pricing and unfortunately we have to pass on some small price adjustments for the coming year, it's not all bad news though...... If you order an aircraft before December 23rd we will confirm your order with the factory and even though delivery will be in 2004 we guarantee to lock the 2003 price in.

So if you're looking for a new plane for 2004 delivery or a new aircraft for Sport Pilot then the Sting Sport and Star Sport may be the ideal choice.

Enjoy the new TL-Ultralight USA web site at

As always please come back to me at for any additional information and safe flying..... Michael Coates X-Air Australia

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