TL Ultralights Australia - Newsletter 15 November 2008 - The NEW Sirius Aircraft Release

It is with great pleasure after three years of very demanding development that I'm pleased to announce the release of a new high wing aircraft from the TL Ultraliaght stable in the Czech Republic.

The new SIRIUS Aircraft has completed flight testing and certification and is now released and available for sale with a short three-month delivery.

Boasting the widest and most spacious cockpit in its class it is able to fly with pilot, passenger and a set of golf clubs in the rear !

Founder and president of TL Ultralight, Mr.Jiri Tlusty said, the much anticipated Sirius displayed very responsive low speed handling and docile flight characteristics throughout the entire flight envelope and will suit flight training organisations and individual pilots wanting an inexpensive aircraft to own and run.

Like the Sting, the Sirius will be powered by the ROTAX series of aircraft engines and be available in both Ultralight and LSA versions. A wide variety of standard flight and engine monitoring instruments to full glass panel displays will be available. With its large cockpit offering ample head and leg room, feedback from pilots who have had a chance to fly the aircraft has been very positive.

Promotional photo taken for a 2009 calander (obviously Easter)
Agressive looks and wide stance give the Sirius immediate appeal

Technical data
Wing Span: 9.4 m (30 ft, 10 in)
Length: 7 m (23 ft)
Height: 2 m (6 ft, 6 in)
Wing Area: 11.25 m² (121 ft²)
Basic Empty Weight: 295 kg (650 lbs)
Gross Weight: 600 kg (1320 lbs)
Fuel Capacity: 130 l (34 gal)
Maximum Speed (VH): 124 kts
Cruise Speed (75%): 116 kts
Stall Speed (VSO): 32 kts
Never Exceed (VNE): 142 kts

As always please come back to me for additional information and we will release more information as it comes to hand.

Regards Michael Coates X-Air Australia

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