TL Ultralights Australia - Newsletter 2

Welcome to Newsletter No. 2, Just a quick update before we head off to the Czech Republic to inspect our first aircraft orders coming off the production line.

On the 18th of December two customers and myself will be flying out from Brisbane to the Czech Republic to inspect our first aircraft deliveries as they leave the production facilities. During this trip we will also be visiting the propeller manufacturer and weather permitting (remember it's winter over there and usually around -10C) get some valuable flight time in the Sting and Star aircraft, we also plan to spend some time in the TL-Ultralight workshops and go through all the maintenance requirements (or lack of) for these exciting new aircraft.

That's the good news.... The bad news is we have just received the 2002 price list from the factory and as expected after all the currency fluctuations throughout the year and the September 11 attacks of the WTC there will be a price rise from the 1st of January.

The average rise of a new aircraft will be around 14%.

Without sounding like the typical 'used car salesman' if we get orders with deposits paid before the end of December you can still purchase at the 2001 price, saving you thousands. To visit the new interactive price list click on this link, the original 2001 price list is at the top of the page and the new 2002 is at the bottom for comparison; any orders taken after 31st December will unfortunately be at the 2002 pricing.

That's it..... Short and sweet this time, but you can expect a full update and pictures after we return from the Czech Republic on the 27th December.

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