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Welcome to a small Newsletter No. 7, more of a small update than a newsletter. Both Phil and myself have been busy over the past week with Phil at the computer and me in the air. Phil has adapted and reworked a panel design program to suit the Sting and Star aircraft. By following this link or by access from the home page prospective customers can plan their ideal panel layout from the instrument selection we have on offer.

The layout program is to scale and allows easy and accurate layout of the instruments for your aircraft, advanced features added by Phil allow you to save the panel for modification at a later time and you can also email the panel directly to me so what you order is exactly what you get built.

More World Records......

As most readers are aware we recently set a new FAI world record for the longest distance in a straight line without landing (details are in Newsletter No.6).... Well after a long wait due to ordinary weather I flew today and set two new world records for...

Fastest Speed over a straight course of between 15/25kms and

Fastest Speed over a closed course of 50kms without landing

The old Microlight/Ultralight FAI record for the 15/25km straight line flown solo was set in France during 1995 at 168.55 kmh, well today we lifted that speed to 228.5 kmh over a 16 km course. For this record you fly an imaginary straight course going once in each direction, you're not allowed to land during the attempt and the return leg must be within 45 minutes of your first run, you're height must not vary more than 100 meters during the attempt and your finishing height must be the same as or higher than the starting height. To avoid cheating by doing a good downhill run before the start gates you must fly the 1 km before and 1 km after the course straight and level.

Out of the turbulence and 'pedal to the metal' as they say.... Here I am edging on 275 kmh in smooth air. The mountain range out the back of the Gold Coast produced some good turbulence along the coast during the speed runs. The main range is over 4000 feet high. What a view.... All these photographs were taken during the attempts, as if I didn't have enough to do without taking all these photos..... Coolangatta airport can be seen in the background of the photo.

The 50km closed course without landing record was also set in France in 1995 and stood at 157.44 kmh and today we beat it running at 230 kmh in pretty good conditions, our attempt for both records were run from Coolangatta International Airport on Queensland's Gold Coast, we still had a reasonably strong westerly blowing and moderate turbulence from the mountain range which kept my overall speed down a little as I had to keep slowing down to around 220 kmh to avoid flying over the aircrafts approved structural limits, at some stages when it smoothed down I achieved around 275 kmh straight and level which is just about flat out, i dont think you would get any more speed whilst flying level. Overall a good result and I have a little room for improvement in better weather conditions so one day we can try again.

The wind is coming from the land so it flattens out the ocean which makes for ideal swimming conditions, there are lots of early morning swimmers and surfers on the beach even this early in the day.
Passing Burleigh Heads... Our factory is just left of the lake in the middle of the picture.
What a place..... Endless white sandy beaches as I pass the main part of Surfers Paradise during the 50 km attempt.

In the next few week we will also attempt the records for 100 km closed course solo and the 50 and 100 km course flown with 2 persons...... Stay Tuned.

Until next time....... Have fun

Michael Coates - May 2002.

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