TL 3000 Sirius Aircraft

It is with great pleasure after three years of very demanding development that I'm pleased to announce the 2009 release of a new high wing aircraft from the TL-Ultralight stable.

The new 2-seater TL 3000 SIRIUS aircraft as completed flight testing and certification and is now released and available for sale with a short three-month delivery. In Australia the TL 3000 Sirius can be registered with the RAA as a factory built aircraft or as a LSA aircraft and with CASA as a LSA aircraft which means the aircraft can be used for training, private hire or private operations.

This is a major milestone for the all new high wing sister ship to the Sting. Piloted by TL-Ultralight founder and president, Jiri Tlusty, the much anticipated TL 3000 Sirius displayed "very responsive low speed handling and docile flight characteristics" making it ideal for low hour pilots as their first aircraft and the aircraft will feature in many flying schools because of the perfect flight qualities, easy pilot and passenger access through the large doors and the massive cabin interior which is a class leading 46" at the shoulders!, He went on to say “The airplane lifts off quickly and achieves a rapid rate of climb, our design and development team has produced a high-wing sport airplane that will be a worthy complement to the Sting!”

Like the TL 2000 Sting, the TL 3000 Sirius will be powered by the ROTAX series of aircraft engines in 80hp, 100hp or the turbocharged 115hp and the TL 3000 Sirius is available in Ultralight and LSA versions.

A wide variety of standard flight and engine monitoring instruments through to full glass panel displays are available. With its large cockpit offering ample head and leg room, feedback from those who have had a chance to take a first look has been very positive.

Single wing strut, LED landing and strobe light, easy access - all great Sirius features

Wide stance and strong undercarriage make this aircraft ideal for grass strips.
The tricycle-geared Sirius includes steerable nose wheel, toe-actuated disc brakes
and adjustable rudder pedals are all standard, the Sirius can also be fitted with
a ballistic recovery parachute.

TL 3000 Sirius Aircraft Technical data
Wing Span
9.4 m (30 ft, 10 in)
7 m
2 m
Wing Area
11.25 m²
Basic Empty Weight
295 kg
Gross Weight
600 kg
Luggage compartment dimensions (w × l × h)
110 cm × 54 cm × 70 cm
Luggage capacity
415 liters
Max. weight of luggage
43 kg
Fuel Capacity
130 liters
Maximum Speed (VH)
124 knots
Cruise Speed (75%)
116 knots
Stall Speed (VSO)
32 knots
Never Exceed (VNE)
142 knots

Advanced technologies including FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for structural calculations and CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) for the design and manufacture of components were used throughout the TL 3000 Sirius design project.

The drawing below shows just a small glimpse of the capabilities of using these technologies to bring a superior aircraft to our customers. This way we can assure complete and thorough calculations and tests were carried out according to all relevant standards and accepted aviation practices.

The Sirius Aircraft has been totally designed on computer

TL-3000 Sirius Part 1
TL-3000 Sirius Part 2

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