Following is a story of a father and son project to restore a 1957 Willys CJ3B Jeep, there is not that much text in our webpage but there are lots of photographs which I hope will be useful to other people undertaking restorations. Without doubt the biggest resource of information that we could find was from CJ3B page on the Internet ( http://CJ3B.info ) This page and Internet site is truly amazing with the volumes of information which we still refer to all of the time for additional information, tuning techniques etc. Hopefully our page with its thousands of photographs can also be a valuable resource which can help other builders..

When asked why would you want to spend years restoring an old vehicle I guess it is really hard to answer in just a few words, for me it was an opportunity to do something with my teenage son that would hopefully still be going after I've long gone. There was also a fantastic opportunity to pass on my limited mechanical knowledge and ability to the next generation who knew absolutely nothing about how things worked. Importantly it was also an opportunity to keep history alive as a small token of appreciation to honour the veterans which gave their time, innocence and in many occasions their lives for Australia and the freedoms we now enjoy and in many cases take for granted.

Delivered to Australia in 1957 the vehicle was originally converted from left hand drive to right hand drive by Dominion motors in Brisbane. It has been difficult to find out whether this vehicle has ever done active military service, but like tracing your family history sometimes you end up dead ends and just have to be paitent and keep an ear to the ground for information. I have managed to find a few previous owners of the vehicle in Australia and have some interesting stories and photographs from them. The vehicle has been well travelled, being up to the very northern part of Australia, Cape York Peninsular at least twice which really shows how solid these little jeeps are. The Jeep has also featured in movies and also a 2007 cigarette commercial which was filmed in Australia but shown across Asia.

Our story starts with the purchase of the vehicle off ebay for $6,500 AU$, from there the money pile gets incredibly bigger and I am guessing there will be no change from $25,000 when finished. I have stopped collecting receipts for the fear of what I will eventually add up.

The original photos from ebay including the QLD registration OWJ 054.

Remember to click on any of the photos to open a larger image.

Picking up the vehicle in Sydney from the movie studio

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